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Here you can enter text or insert images or tables, if necessary. My name is David Sanz, I am born in Barcelona 34 years ago, I am brown, brown eyes, short brown hair, 1'78 m, and 74 kg weight, athletic build, short beard, shaved body, and no tattoos or piercings, Caucasian race.

My greatest desire is to make you feel full, for this, it is imperative that we forge a strong relationship, based on my commitment to satisfy each and every one of your fantasies. 

As you can see, I am very jealous of my privacy, just as you can be sure that I will protect yours. 

To initiate this relationship, it would be desirable to make me reach your most intimate desires, to be able to get involved emotionally in them.

I'm waiting for you...

https://www.gigolobcn.com          +34 644922640      [email protected]             https://www.instagram.com/gigolobcn/  

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